Product Innovation: Definition, Examples & Strategies used

It allows companies to grow, conquer new markets and turn higher profits. Companies can find a way out in oversaturated markets by turning to product innovation. what is product innovation It gives them a leeway to expand to new markets and get new customers simultaneously. All business innovations directly improve product quality and performance.

Product Innovation meaning

As it turns out many people in rural areas were having the same issue because they were using washing machines to wash sweet potatoes. Haier enhanced their product to meet such needs in rural areas and the first 10,000 washing machines sold out immediately. Today, gaming is the most profitable industry in the entertainment sector.

As everyone involved in developing products is systematically engaged in doing a better job day after day, their strive for excellence will pay off on the long term. Constantly improving on your products will give you a steady advantage and you won’t be left behind. Radical and disruptive innovations are not the most common and for good reason. They are harder to get right, they present more risks, and the success rate is not very high. The tricky part is not just coming up with ideas for new products, or even taking them to completion. And even if you’re successful, you still need to do all of that with manageable risks while keeping costs under control.

Examples of Successful Product Innovations

The Finnish company HMD bought the brand license to produce and sell Nokia phones and have recently launched six new models. Develop new products that answer the needs of their consumers or create new demand for them. We investigate the fundamentals of creativity and innovation, and develop methods and tools for effective and efficient product innovation. Manufacturing operations became increasingly automated and product innovation took ever greater importance. One is product innovation, and the other, the really big one, is the human innovation. Snap was born mobile and has shown a propensity for rapid mobile product innovation.

Product Innovation meaning

MIT Sloan has documented how eight different Japanese companies develop profitable new products. Successful Japanese companies like Toyota, Olympus, Sony or Nissan focus on highly structured processes and manage costs early in a product’s life. In their analysis they also emphasise the importance of disciplined proactive cost management in the product development process.

Commonly, businesses use sales and return on investment metrics to measure the success of a new product. However, those metrics apply only when the new product has already been launched. Innovation may happen when you improve an existing product or you add a new feature to an existing product. When phones got cameras, they gained a new feature; or when Apple dramatically improved the quality of iPhone cameras in the iPhone 11 Pro, that was an innovative move. Creating new features on a product takes the philosophies of both the above categories and combines them.

The trick is not to overburden consumers with numerous additional features that distract them from the product’s original usability and utility. If you realize that you’re in that bucket, take a step back and focus on incremental innovations for a little while. Large companies have the advantage of getting tons of support requests, customer complaints and improvement suggestions from customers, employees and pretty much every other stakeholder too. There is no product scarcity today, which makes product innovation a risky business.

What are the 5 levels of product?

According to Harvard Business School professor, Clayton Christensen, 95% of those new products fail. A successful strategy forcreative innovationis to stay ahead of time and curve in order to address future concerns and problems that may arise due to technological changes in the future. Huawei is a Chinese tech company that designs, develops, and sells various telecommunications products, including smart devices and consumer electronics. In 2019, Huawei invested $19 billion into research and development, which paid off immediately since it sold more smartphones than Apple that year. At this point, you must look at the legal and financial restrictions of introducing a new product to the market. Consider sales forecasts, product price, profitability estimates, and overall production costs.

Now that we clarified what is product innovation and what it implies, let’s see how it works in practice. For this, we’ll look at some of the most common strategies, frameworks and theories that make product innovation happen. Now that we have clarified what product innovation is, let’s have a brief look at the three main categories of product innovation. This takes us to the next argument in favour of product innovation. Multiple Google products have indeed occurred as a consequence of this 20% time off. Among these, we must mention Gmail, Google Maps, Google Talk and Adsense, the last one being responsible for almost 25% of Google’s annual income.

What Is The Meaning Of Product Innovation?

That something could be anything from new services to products, processes and even incremental improvements to something that already exists. In practice, however, people usually refer to new or improved products when they talk about innovation. Another type of product innovation involves introducing improved versions of existing products. This doesn’t mean, for example, that you simply upgrade the type of paint you use; it means that you add more functionality to the product or make the functionality work even better.

  • The rising population and the advancement of technology to create sleek products have given rise to a new methodology and named it Design Thinking.
  • Instead of going only after vegans and vegetarians, Beyond Meat were among the first to target omnivores and people who want to reduce meat consumption.
  • As not all features will be appreciated, it’s important to decide what kind of feature is most relevant for your product and what goal it pursues.
  • Successfulproduct innovationand adoption boosts the growth of business and industrial enterprises.
  • It’s best to focus on what really creates value and what ads to the costs on the long run.
  • Innovation management is the ability of an individual to perfectly manage the innovation procedures that include various aspects like decision making, formulation, implementation, and strategy.

You’re probably familiar with Jobs To Be Done, a framework for identifying customer needs. It’s all about finding out what kind of jobs consumers hire their products to do. However, there’s a bit more to it than just asking your customers the reasons for their choices. If you simply ask why they chose a certain product, you will rarely understand their needs in enough detail.

What is Product Innovation

This happens because when new products are launched, they are usually not exploited to their full potential. A series of incremental innovations and improvements have to be made to better meet the needs of consumers. Existing product development is a process of innovation where products/services are redesigned, refurbished, improved, and manufactured which can be at a lower cost. One of the more widely accepted definitions for innovation is the introduction of something new.

Simply put, identifying and understanding customers’ pain points can lead to major opportunities for improvement. Once you have understood the extent of these pain points it’s important to address them as opportunities for innovation, not as ways of mitigating damage. First, you might have a product that costs too much to produce so your profit margin will be low, or you end up losing money. It’s best to focus on what really creates value and what ads to the costs on the long run.

Product Innovation meaning

Increased competition led to higher standards, so the bar is actually higher if you want to have a successful product on the market. This type of product innovation is what we often refer to as incremental innovation. More specifically it refers to incremental changes aimed at improving existing products. … Think about how often cell phone manufacturers and car manufacturers make new versions of their products. Aninnovation cultureadopted regarding a product by a company will only prove its worth if it fulfils the real needs of a customer.

Theories of product innovation

They started as a wood pulp mill, then moved on to rubber boots and of course to their most recognizable products, the Nokia cell phones. Unfortunately, they lost focus and went on selling clothes, accessories and lifestyle products. After these failed experiments, they refocused on their core business and positioned themselves as leaders in toy construction kits.

Product innovation often takes place when a product’s sales are in decline. Improve your vocabulary with English Vocabulary in Use from Cambridge. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

New Products

For instance, in many cases products are easier to scale than services. This is why the model of Service as a Product has been so successful. They don’t need close monitoring and interaction like other services would. The focus is on keeping readers informed about the latest deployments, mandates, standards development, and product innovation. In 2017, we expect to continue to make substantial investments in inventory, marketing, distribution, and product innovation as we assess product demand.

At first, the company benefited, with improved product innovation and, soon after, a boost to financial performance. As competition increases, so does the need for resources to invest in product innovation and clever marketing. A decrease in production cost and time and the improvement of certain processes or the elimination of certain barriers from the production process or consumption. Process innovation focuses on the innovation of facilities, skills and technologies used for the production and delivering of products and services. The competition in the market is at its peak, and it will not go down. No matter whatever industry your business belongs to, it will only survive if it is ahead of its competitors in terms of product quality.

In this article, we’re looking at why you should develop a product innovation strategy, and some examples of what this might look like for your startup. This was the simplest yet effective way towards successful product innovation. Till now, you must be clear with all the essentials of product innovation and what do we call a successful product innovation. These are the criteria that should be followed by your new and improved product to be successful in the market. The prime goal is to solve people’s problems, but you should not ignore other important factors.

Apple is also maintaining its competitive advantage through product innovation. Since the introduction of the smartphone in 2007, Apple has iterated on their innovation and initially gained market share and also took out of business slow to innovate competitors. Product innovation that is developed by improving pre-existing products.

How To Make Innovative Products

Since you will never have enough time and resources for all the new product development ideas proposed, you must prioritize new development opportunities to narrow down options. Avoid choice paralysis and break down product features by viability, feasibility, and desirability. Product development is where designers and developers build the first test product and test it. This stage includes continuous testing and improvements to develop the final product. Product innovation aims to improve consumer experience and utility, so companies must consider what the market wants and what customers demand to drive adoption. Successfulproduct innovationand adoption boosts the growth of business and industrial enterprises.

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